Comec S.n.c. was founded at the end of 1979 by Corrado Barbarini and Enrico Dattaro. It is situated in Stradella di Collecchio, 15 kilometres from Parma. From the beginning, the company manufactures custom pieces in various fields: from agriculture to hide-tanning, from bottling to packaging. Despite being a small business, its versatility brings Comec S.n.c. to be well-known and appreciated in the area within very few years. With the gradual increase in the number of employees, the company grows in terms of experience and equipment. In 1986 the company expands, adding a new workshop alongside the first building. In 1993, after years of experience in building tanning equipment for other companies, Comec S.n.c. acquires the “Challenge” brand from a Belgian company leader in the market, and begins to sell its own products. The company name becomes Challenge Comec S.r.l. During the ‘90s, the company buys the first CNC tool machines. In 1990 and in 2002 the plant is extended, in both the workshops and the office area.

Currently, Challenge Comec is run by four partners, and the company counts ten workers and one administrative clerk. It operates in a plant that measures 1700 sq. m., plus 400 sq. m. of offices and duty rooms, and it is provided with an extensive covered depot.